The Secret To A Happy Life

I’ve been having a difficult time personally of late. I’m in a relationship that I know isn’t right for me, but I’m having trouble breaking free and living my own life. The issues that I’m facing have led me to think a lot about what it means to have a “happy life.” I wish it were easy to live the best life possible, but I’m finding it quite difficult at the moment.

As a result, I’ve decided to make several small changes that I hope will put me on a better path. I know that things will not change right away, but I so desperately want to feel joyful again. Step one is to consistently remind myself that I can’t change the way another person acts but I can change the way that I act. I have high expectations for myself, and as a result, I often have high expectations of others. However, that often leads to disappointment, so I must focus on me.

The other changes that I am going to make include starting a journal where I write down three positive things that happen each day, engaging in 30 minutes of exercise in the evenings, and outlining a plan for my day in the mornings.